WildStar Preview: Building Up Nexus As The Settler

| 22 May 2013 05:00
wildstar scientist

Check out all our WildStar coverage with a preview of the Scientist path and an exclusive interview with Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney.

Settlers are WildStar's friendly builders. Will this be the Path you walk down?

When most folks pick up a new MMORPG, they already have some sort of idea about how they're going to play. If you like smashing bad guys with huge weapons, some sort of Warrior class is probably your best bet. If you like supporting your friends, then you'll most likely end up as a Healer. The team at Carbine understands these sensibilities well, and are working hard to incorporate them in fresh ways in their new MMO, WildStar.

When creating your character in WildStar, not only will you choose how they look and what type of class they'll be, but you'll also have to choose their Path. Paths are how the MMO sensibilities mentioned above come in to play. No matter what your path, you'll get in to all sorts of situations in the game, but your path will consistently give you extra benefits for playing the way you like to play. If you are bold and adventurous and love reaching inaccessible locations, the Explorer Path will be for you. If you want to be a legendary hero and love conquering enemies and experiencing new types of combat, the Soldier Path is for you. Until now, only the Explorer and Soldier had been revealed, but we recently got the chance to check out the final two WildStar Paths, the Settler and the Scientist. Hopefully one of the Paths will offer every type of player exactly what they're looking for.

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In WildStar, the legendary planet Nexus has been found. As the opposed forces of the Exiles and Dominion rush to capture it and its secrets you must pick your side and join in the fight to unlock the planet's secrets.

The Settler, according to WildStar's Executive Producer, Jeremy Gaffney, is for the player who loves socializing. Settlers want to help people and meet new friends. These types of players love answering questions and going on forums and being part of the bigger WildStar community. "They might be the guild leader of a 2000 person guild but their main character is level 7 because they're there to organize that guild and that's what they get enjoyment out of," Gaffney said. People like this may only make up a small percentage of the overall WildStar playerbase, but they're the glue that holds everything together.

When playing a Settler, the more people you help, the more rewards you'll get. The classic example Gaffney kept using to explain this was a simple campfire. As a Settler, you can make a campfire that gives buffs to every player who uses it. The more people who use your campfire, the more Settler experience you'll earn. But more than just campfires, Settlers can make things like sentry guns to help defend areas or build up mini camps with new vendors and quest givers. "They usually participate from the things they create and on top of that, the more clever they were about setting their things up where the most players could use them, the more we reward them for helping everyone out," said Gaffney.

While out in the wild, a Settler might find an outpost. Outposts are usually placed near dangerous content, and when a Settler finds it, they can build up a lot of stuff near it. For example, they can repair the outpost if its barriers are broken, build buff stations to help nearby adventurers kill the difficult monsters in the area, or even build guards to help adventurers out as well. The more that players benefit from using the outpost, the more rewards the Settler will receive.

Along with creating items and mini areas that help other players, Settlers can also improve the town they're playing in. If a Settler comes upon a new town, they can help build it up by constructing things like mailboxes, vendors, extra security, and other helpful structures to aid everyone passing through.

Check out all our WildStar coverage with a preview of the Scientist path and an exclusive interview with Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney.

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