Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus Review: Bringing A More Cinematic Narrative

| 23 May 2013 22:00
Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus 7

The other Star Trek Online factions gain access to a similar new class of ship item - Warp Cores. Mentioned constantly throughout the various Star Trek series and movies, warp cores have influence over your ship's speed when travelling in the sector map (not necessarily that big of a deal considering how fast it can be to get from planet to planet in the first place), but many versions can also grant you bonuses to your ship's powered subsystems. If you're the type of player who likes to get the most out of every stat on their ship, you'll enjoy the extra layer of control Warp Cores give you.

Along with the new Romulan faction, the Legacy update brings many overall changes to Star Trek Online's core game, most noticeable of which is a reworked user interface. The HUD appears cleaner, with larger text boxes, buttons and color-coded character and bridge officer abilities to better give you an idea of what skill set they belong too. The HUD also has several different color schemes to choose from for those looking to customize their layout (or are bored of the default red/blue/green of each faction). Many of the color schemes also include a nifty "Red Alert" mode, which causes your windows to flash red across the whole screen subtly whenever you get into combat - not necessarily vital to gameplay, but I find that it adds a nice touch of immersion to your next battle.

In addition, the character trait and class system has undergone some revision, introducing a few more ways to customize your character. Character traits are now based on the species you pick as well as which class, and every ten levels you're given the opportunity to choose from a trait for additional space or ground bonuses. The extra traits you pick up can be respec'd just like your skill system (provided you have a retrain token), and give you another way to help guide your character's development.

Also, fans of the honorable Klingons will be excited to learn that the Legacy update brings significant revisions to the Empire. Previously, you needed to have logged some considerable time with the Federation before being able to hop into the captain's chair of a Bird of Prey, but Legacy removes that requirement, letting you start off a fresh-faced Klingon warrior at level 1. Along with the removed level cap, there's a revised opening tutorial section, a pair of new low-tier ships to commandeer and several new story missions to play through for your first dozen levels.

Legacy of Romulus brings many welcome additions to the overall game of Star Trek Online and at least provides a solid start for the Romulan faction, even if the lack of variety in ship classes and side content might feel limiting to veteran players.

Star Trek Online

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