Neverwinter State of the Game Address Hints at Adding Ranger Class

| 24 May 2013 12:43
NW Ranger Image

Neverwinter's Lead Producer Andy Velasquez outlines the game's hot issues, and hints at what the first additional class will be.

When I was in kindergarten, I was taught to never judge a book by its cover. So too with games: when an MMO is released, there are all kinds of things going on that are either half-finished, unintended, or undergo such vast changes so quickly that within a few months a game can go from a commercial success to dead, or vice versa. When Neverwinter launched I was the first one to recommend it to a friend or jump to its defense when critics pointed out its shortcomings. But as an MMO vet, I was hesitant to suggest investing long-term in the game until more information was released. This evening at 6pm EST, Andy Velasquez, the Lead Producer of Neverwinter provided us with that information, disclosing what he saw as the major outstanding issues in the game, and hinting at what is to come, including some information about Gauntlgrym and the next class to be unveiled in Neverwinter.

In the beginning of the release, Velasquez delved into a list of issues that are the current highest priorities for the Neverwinter developers. These changes were described as, "...things our team has been working on lately - things we hope to have updates on very soon." These issues include a re-balance on threat and aggro, improving PvP to reward participation, class balancing, tweaking and bug fixing, and to make gear progression visually and mechanically more engaging. All of these issues have been hot topics among the community at both the hardcore and casual levels, and seeing the developers respond to these issues gives me hope that Cryptic is going to follow up strong after their successful beta launch.

Aside from the previews of fixes coming to Neverwinter, Velasquez explored some of the new content that will be released in the coming weeks. He writes, "Right now, we're putting the final touches on some new end game content: Gauntlgrym. It will be our first raid-sized, competitive PvP/PvE experience, and our current goal is to release it to OBT within a few weeks. On top of that, we've also got new companions, zones, mounts, mechanics, Paragon Paths, and a new class. I can't share the details about the new class just yet, but as a hint, it's going to be a "ranged" one." While he may have dodged the actual word 'Ranger', between the dataminers turning up information about Ranger in the past, as well as some of the leaks as early as January of this year(watch carefully at 1:15), it's pretty dang clear that's what's coming next.

The address closed up with a reminder about Module 1, Neverwinter's favorite and best kept secret. Although the release contained no new information about what else is in store for Module 1, Velasquez promised to release more information "very soon", which sounds reassuring.


The State of the Game Address is good news both in that it contains a lot of things the fans have been hoping to hear about, and that it suggests Cryptic's dedication to keeping the channels between developers and consumers open indefinitely. Although I am personally reserving judgment until they put their money where their mouth, things are definitely looking good for Neverwinter's developers and fans alike. Now if only they would include player housing....

Source: Neverwinter's Official Site

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