Check Out the Latest Final Fantasy XIV Screenshots

| 24 May 2013 12:10
FFXIV FATE battle 2

This is our biggest glimpse yet of A Realm Reborn.

Square Enix screwed up with Final Fantasy XIV. They know it, and they're trying to mend their ways. Their latest peace offering to fans - coming straight off the back of the reveal of the Collector's Edition - is a new batch of screenshots from A Realm Reborn. This latest batch showcases FFXIV's in-game FATE battles.

Judging by all that motion blur and sparkly stuff, well, we can say one thing for sure - this won't be lacking in the trademark Final Fantasy style. Uploaded to the FFXIV Facebook page, these four shots are the latest in an album of screenshots taken from the forthcoming beta build of the Japanese PS3 version. If anything, this shows that the MMO's console version won't be lagging in the graphics department. It also provides those who've never played an MMO on a console a taste of what to expect from the UI. It sure looks pretty - will it play as beautifully as it looks?

Phase 3 marks the beginning of open beta, happening this June. FFXIV: ARR will be released in August.

Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn

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