EVE Online Pilots Get 50,000 SkillPoints from CCP

| 24 May 2013 18:32
EVE Online Battle 9 300x300

CCP gave the skillpoints to EVE players as recompense for the launcher issues the sci-fi MMO has been suffering from.

On May 21st, CCP rolled out a new launcher for EVE Online. Upon deployment, thousands of players lost the ability to log in to the game due to the launcher pointing at the wrong login server. To make up for the trouble experienced by roughly 30,000 players, CCP has decided to award all EVE Online players with 50,000 skillpoints or the equivalent of 1 day's grind in-game. Players may access their points by going to this guide.

This has been a rough week for CCP thanks to the problems DUST 514 has experienced. As the newest expansion for EVE Online, Odyssey, approaches, we can expect a loss of stability as any expansion to such an established game always brings a host of new problems.

EVE Online

Odyssey promises to recalibrate the distribution of resources throughout the galaxy in addition to ship rebalancing and UI changes. With the addition of more NPC battles, we can expect EVE Online to generate more than a few controversies due to player conflict as well as change to CCP's power over the corporations controlling space.

Odyssey launches on June 4th, 2013.

Source: The Mittani

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