World of Warcraft's Patch 5.3 Makes It Easy-Mode for Griefers

| 25 May 2013 19:51
Orgrimmar Problems cropped

Having very high-level monsters so close to the Horde capital in WoW has unintended consequences.

If you play World of Warcraft on the Horde side, you may have noticed a pile of dead bodies at the Auction House in the Valley of Strength. This is due to the constant training - or bringing monsters into areas to attack lower level characters - of Patch 5.3-related monsters just outside the gates of Orgrimmar. Escalation, or Patch 5.3 continues the story of Garrosh's fall as Warchief with his plan to completely dominate Azeroth. There are a few grumbles about this problem on WoW's official forums but it remains to be seen if any hotfix will be issued to deal with the problem, or action taken against the players who are doing it.

These packs are a nuisance for players who haven't reached maximum level as they will no doubt be one-shotted by these monsters. With no where else to go, it may be advisable to avoid the Valley of Strength Auction House in Orgrimmar for a while or at least until 5.4 hits sometime later this year.

World of Warcraft

Mists of Pandaria is the most recent expansion to one of the world's largest MMO. It follows the story of a lost continent on Azeroth that has long been hidden in the mists. Upon the mist's parting after the defeat of Deathwing, Horde and Alliance players were introduced to a whole new conflict to participate in with the addition of a new race, Pandaren and a new class, Monk.

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