Gender Norms, Learning Curves, and Public Game Development in the Indie MMO TUG on Kickstarter

| 28 May 2013 17:00
Tiger 300 TUG

Warcry: Now, the parallels between Minecraft and TUG are interesting but one thing that has plagued many Minecraft servers is the act of griefing. I have seen you all posting about addressing player toxicity but I wondered what kind of tools users will have to protect themselves from players who want to do the community harm?

Peter Salinas: For the official servers, those things come from very subtle design choices. Little things as simple as proximity based communication, non-restrictive combat, significance of terrain, and even physics have a profound impact on play and balancing to handle these issues. And with those rules also come the players' abilities to create such things as barriers, hexes, and other in-game options that will allow for unique and creative problem solving. And we will find new ways of dealing with these things by working with the community as well. Really though, what is going to be most interesting is seeing how the modding community learns to deal with them. We are just one small group of people; the modding and gaming community amass in the thousands to millions, all working together to solve problems. We want this to be the platform that empowers that sort of thinking and creation.

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