Gender Norms, Learning Curves, and Public Game Development in the Indie MMO TUG on Kickstarter

| 28 May 2013 17:00
Costumes and Characters

Warcry: Can you talk a little about how Nerd Kingdom plans to deal with learning curves and complexity of the TUG environment?

Peter Salinas: Just as we are accustomed to in our own world, it's a basis of social learning with a splash of discovery. Gamers are constantly plugged into a world of information, and not just wikis or forums anymore. Understanding and knowledge is, in fact, a currency online. It really is quite an amazing thing to see that these communities have restructured and nearly perfected a method for education and understanding. There exist communities of millions of people that translate and educate in different languages and mediums... and they are constantly building on one another to make their messages more clear.

Really, complexity in games is no more difficult than complexities we deal with in our lives. We start by experimenting with little to no consequence, over time we peel back layers and test further with slightly more risk and more reward, and eventually, we step into fields that require a world of knowledge and understanding from peers to build upon. We see this as the foundation to addressing complexity in TUG, and why we constantly talk about the concept of "optional complexity." TUG will be a world that is accessible to everyone... but for those who wish to peel back the layers, there will be tons of complexity beneath the surface to delve into.

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