Gender Norms, Learning Curves, and Public Game Development in the Indie MMO TUG on Kickstarter

| 28 May 2013 17:00
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Warcry: By incorporating social science in the design process, what sort of impact do you hope TUG will have on the development of other games?

Peter Salinas: A positive one! Everything we do with one another is inherently social, and these understandings apply to more than just game mechanics, but also discussions and process. It has given us a deeper appreciation to what is really going on in a game world or a community of gamers, like ourselves. Sure, we can say stuff like, "It's a socio cultural issue," or, "It's a psychological consideration," but really, it's just about saying, "Look, they are human, and need to be treated that way, and their interactions with other humans should be just as important in and out of game." It really is our hope that by remembering everyone is human, in all considerations, we can make everything we do truly better and more meaningful.

Warcry: With only 3 days left in the Kickstarter, do you have anything you want to say to those who are on the fence about backing TUG?

Peter Salinas: Just, thank you for paying attention at all. We knew, coming out of the gate, that this would be a difficult thing to digest for many people. We have been and are fully prepared to show people over time how this thing rolls out, even if it's not in the span of this KS campaign. And really, we know people are watching us, waiting to see what we do or cannot do... and that means more to us than just being swept under the rug and forgotten. This is an ambitious project, but that is what drives us forward.

Warcry: You can read more about TUG through Nerd Kingdom's Official Forums as well as their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Tumblr accounts!

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