Guild Wars 2 Adding Looking For Group And New PvP Map In Future Update

| 29 May 2013 16:27
guild wars 2 skyhammer

New features may be coming to Guild Wars 2.

While the Guild Wars 2 Last Stand at Southsun living story content update has only just released, Internet sleuths are already looking in to what's coming next. One Reddit user in particular was able to dig through the MMO's dat files and find that a Looking For Group System is going to be implemented in to Guild Wars 2 in a future update, along with a new Structured PvP map called Skyhammer.

The new Looking For Group feature seems as if it will be extremely comprehensive, and will allow players to find groups for dungeons (both story and explorable modes), Fractals (all three different tiers), rated and unrated PvP matches, WvW on each map, personal story missions, and current living story missions.

As for Skyhammer, details are a bit slim but the new arena will have players competing for control over a floating cannon that can rain death on the opposing team.

Considering the aggressive rate at which ArenaNet is trying to release content, I'd guess that Guild Wars 2 players will see an official announcement about these features and more within the next month.

Source: Reddit

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