RIFT Goes Free-To-Play For Past Subscribers For Five Days

| 29 May 2013 17:41
RIFT free to play weekend

Previous RIFT subscribers will have a chance to play the game for free.

While RIFT is switching over to a free-to-play business model on June 12, the generous folks over at Trion Worlds are offering previous subscribers five free days of playtime to get the hype train rolling. The five days worth of free playtime will be offered on May 30 - June 3.

During the five day period, anyone who had previously subscribed to RIFT, even for just one month, can enjoy everything the game has to offer, with no restrictions. Basically, Trion Worlds is giving players who quit RIFT a free chance to check out what's new in the game before the free-to-play switch.

For those folks who planned on re-subscribing to RIFT to get the Patron benefits when the game goes free-to-play, you may want to hold off until this event is over. Once it is, then re-sub to get the best bang for your buck.

Source: RIFT Twitter


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