Uncharted Waters Online Adds the Korean Peninsula

| 30 May 2013 03:20
Uncharted Waters Online

Land sighted! Explore new territory in the latest update.

Travel can get a little expensive, which is why we have videogames. And the newest place we can take our virtual selves holidaying to? Why, that'd be the Land of the Morning Calm, a continent based on historical Korea that finds its way into Uncharted Waters Online in an update today.

UWO - a seafaring, jolly jaunt through an age of exploration - adds Korea to its book of 15th- to 17th-century locations. The Land of the Morning Calm is a tranquil, pretty world, full of mountains and crystal-blue water. With the MMORPG's new landmass comes new skills, new adventures, and new things to learn about historial Korea.

Uncharted Waters Online

Uncharted Waters Online is a MMROPG set within several timelines during the Age of Exploration as a romantic and historic fictional account of the era.

Players will live and play real world of 15th century to make their own history. Players may choose from among 6 nationalities: England, Dutch Republic, Ancien RĂ©gime in France, Spanish Empire, Kingdom of Portugal, and Republic of Venice.

As well the player may choose from several occupations after choosing a basic class: adventurer, merchant, and soldier. Players are able to trade, explore, battle and join in live events such as "Great Sea Fights"

Also known as Age of Discovery Online in Japan, this is a free-to-play title with microtransactions. There are several expansion packs, each of which will cost a fee to download.

Three distinctive new towns have been added so players can get their tourist on: Hanyang (nowadays known as capital city Seoul), Busan, and Pohang. There will be some special ships that can only be crafted in these areas, not limited to the adorably named "Stacked Turtle Ship" - and once made, you can take your new ships on a sightseeing tour of new teritories along the coasts of the Korean peninsula.

Naturally, new quests have been added, as well as a dungeon called the Songsan-ri Tombs. Additionally, there is new flora and fauna to discover. You'll find the whole list of additions over at the UWO website.

If you'd like to test the waters, UWO is free-to-play on Steam or via the Netmarble portal. Those who opt for the former have the option of picking up the new Steam Voyager's Limited Edition, which includes equipment and decorations to keep things sailing smoothly for you. The package also includes Additional Registration Long-term permits, allowing you to create up to three extra characters. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to sail on out of here before I drop another pun.

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