MapleStory Is Popular with Kids, Says MapleStory Publisher

| 31 May 2013 13:26
maplestory eighth anniversary

Nexon takes a look at the sort of gamers who'll be playing its MMOs like MapleStory this summer.

Is there a single recent invention that has so flawlessly integrated itself into our lives as the smartphone has? Let me put forward my nomination: the MMO. Everybody is playing 'em these days - and Nexon America have chosen to share a few tidbits of their latest player stats with us.

In a survey conducted with an undisclosed amount of users, 75% of respondents between the ages of 18 and 29 said they were planning to play an online game this summer. It's never a bad time to pick up a new MMO, in my opinion, and it seems young people especially will be making use of their vacation time to do so.

Meanwhile, the idea of a gender imbalance in gamers continues to seem even more ridiculous, with a full 40% of those surveyed being women.

Nexon believes that its eight-year-old free-to-play MMORPG MapleStory will continue to draw in players, especially following its recent inclusion of the casual Monster Life mini-game.

Personally, I'm holding out for when Rift goes free-to-play. What will you be playing these holidays?


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as a player who's been on and off since the beta, i'm quite disappointed at the fact that nexon never bothers trying to keep their customer service up with the community, and as mookies has said, 'known bugs' taking forever to fix, as well as hacks, once getting leaked, getting out of hand within 2-3 days, and nexon not doing anything about it for about a month
my example? look up maplestory familiar 1-hit

As a 8 year player of maplestory, I can say that NO one in my guild, freinds list, or anyone ive talked to in game likes the fact that they added a PAID for "farmville" to maplestory. I can also say that more people are quiting due to HUGE imbalanced issues and the fact that nexon can have a "known bugs" and take 3-4months to fix them.

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