The Secret World Issue #8 Introduces Two Brand New Mechanics

| 31 May 2013 17:33
The Secret World Issue #7

TSW creative director talks Issue #8, Scenarios, and the Augment System.

Although Issue #7 isn't out yet, the team behind The Secret World is already giddy about Issue #8. TSW's Issue #8 takes players to the Council of Venice for the first time to prepare for the inevitable battle in Tokyo using the brand new "scenarios." Scenarios are virtual training worlds where players face insanely randomized challenges in an effort to prove they are ready for the chaos in Tokyo. Issue #8 also includes the addition of the Augment System - a new advancement system.

The Augment System allows players to improve certain elements of their existing abilities in one of four areas: Damage, Support, Healing or Survivability. This means players will be able to customize their character to even better fit their play-style. Creative Director Joel Bylos explained that the system hasn't been fully fleshed out, but that "it will definitely bring even more choice, depth and opportunities for progression to the already rich character development system in The Secret World."

Issue #7 should be out "in the coming weeks" and Issue #8 is meant to follow shortly thereafter.

Source: Game Director's Letter

The Secret World

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