Blood Bowl: Star Coach Grants Early Access

| 4 Jun 2013 13:15
Blood Bowl: Star Coach

Gamers can access a late beta build of BBSC through Steam.

Have you ever wished that football was just a little bit more interesting, a little bit more bloody... a little bit more like a videogame? Well, then, it sounds like Blood Bowl: Star Coach is for you - and being in the final phase of beta, it's now playable in Steam.

"Thanks to your feedback, we will be able to correct any errors and improve the game experience," developer Cyanide says on BBSC's Steam Page, where it's downloadable for free. "To thank you for taking part, Cyanide will reward you with a pack of Cyans, to be used in-game when Blood Bowl: Star Coach is officially launched."

As the latest entry in Games Workshop's "fantasy football" world, you'll get to tackle all sorts of grunting orcs, and dirty tricks are only encouraged in this tactical multiplayer strategy game. It will be free-to-play upon its official release, which is yet to be announced, and Cyanide expresses its intention to keep adding content as well as in-game store items.

The Blood Bowl franchise has been around since 1987, in both board game and videogame incarnations - the last Blood Bowl title was the Chaos Edition that released in May 2012. Personally, I'm looking forward to grinding an elf or two into the dirt.

Blood Bowl: Star Coach

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