The Upcoming World of Warships Looks Pretty Explosive

| 4 Jun 2013 13:39
World of Warships

Giant guns, explosions, and even volcanoes make an appearance in Wargaming's World of Warships.

Those Wargaming guys, huh? They're certainly not making games about dangfangled unicorns. Their latest effort focuses on the art of war... as undertaken from the decks of massive warships, as grandly revealed in this new trailer.

It starts off kind of dreamily, almost Dear Esther-like, but that's short-lived; after a few seconds, bombs are dropping and the monstrous seacraft are whirling their mounted guns in every fathomable direction. No in-game footage, I'm afraid, but we sure can hope that the game itself will capture the cinematic quality of war.

WOWS - that's the acronym Wargaming is apparently going with - is scheduled for release sometime this year, following their ridiculously popular World of Tanks as well as the currently-in-beta World of Warplanes. Get your glimpse of the Wargaming's newest World below.

World of Warships

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