Allods Online Path to Victory Update Changes Dominion and Everything Else

| 5 Jun 2013 18:38
Allods Online Screen 02

Allods' newest patch brings huge changes to just about everything.

Gpotato, the team behind popular MMO Allods Online, have released the patch notes for the game's newest update, Path to Victory. The patch includes a number of fixes as well as improvements to the Dominion game mode.

Dominion is Allods' PvP mode for players who have reached level 55 and are looking for some epic battles. The new patch brings with it bigger Dominion maps and clearer capture points. These points are now marked by flags and specific icons so players can better communicate which point to capture next.

Along with Dominion improvements, Path to Victory features bug fixes, UI fixes, and improvements to gameplay. For a full list of everything that's new, check out the patch notes here.

Allods Online

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