RIFT: Empyreal Assault Update 2.3 Detailed

| 5 Jun 2013 20:09
rift empyreal assault update

There's more than just free-to-play in RIFT's June 12 update.

June 12 is a huge day for RIFT. Not only is that the date the fantasy MMO from Trion Worlds goes free-to-play, but the massive 2.3 Update, Empyreal Assault, is dropping as well. In an effort to get both new and past subscribers ready for the patch, Trion have unveiled new details about Empyreal Assault.

"RIFT 2.3 unleashes a new Sliver and Chronicle plus Strongholds and open-world raid bosses across a massive new zone," said Trion. "Explore the secrets of Greenscale's Crater and the living Kaaz'Gfuu Hive, join in Atrophinius's revelries at the wild town of Hailol, and come face-to-face with forces of Earth vying for power after the dragons' defeat! "

Key features of Empyreal Assault of course include the new free-to-play functionality, as well as a new zone called Dendrome, open-world raid bosses, a Chronicle titled Queen's Gambit, a Sliver named Grim Awakening, and new player-summoned Strongholds.

To learn more about RIFT's Empyreal Assault Update, head over to the new preview page.


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