District 187 Receives the New "Blackout" Update

| 6 Jun 2013 13:20
District 187 Screen 01

A new deathmatch map is on its way to D187, amongst numerous other features.

What's one way to make an urban shootier even edgier? Add in some hot pink weapons with dazzling rainbow decals, of course. That's what Netmarble is doing with the newest update for its free-to-play MMOFPS District 187, alongside adding a new map and a pair of attractive lady characters.

The "Blackout" update - ironically named, we're sure - adds the colorful weapons because "blinged out guns are so last year." Among the new line of weaponry is the AWM300 sniper rifle. But who's going to play with a pink gun, anyway? Glad you asked. They'll go perfectly with either Debora or Gloria, two new playable characters who offer a 40% XP bonus in addition to their shiny blond locks and sumptuous outfits.

District 187
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At the end of the 21st century, the world is wracked by economic collapse and morality is up for sale to the highest bidder. Power is concentrated in the hands of the ultra-wealthy, who use governments to protect and advance their own interests. But some people are willing to fight for their freedom, no matter what the cost - and some are just looking to carve their own slice of the pie. This is the world of District 187, where gangsters and SWAT go head-to-head in vicious gun battles in the slums, the ghetto, the suburbs and more, one side trying to protect the status quo and the other determined to tear it to the ground.

Meanwhile, the struggle for urban territory hits a new, literal level via a new deathmatch map, which will see gangs battling for control within a two-storey stronghold lined with tunnels. Some new additions have also been made to the items list, including new costumes for both factions and a new pistol, the Colt Anaconda, purchasable for in-game gold. Also, adding to the whole world-brightening thing is the ability to change the color of one's in-game nickname. Golly, now there's a customization option you don't see often.

Full update details can be found at the District 187 website. It's time to take up a gun and add a little color to the drab world of urban warfare.

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