Arcane Saga Online Live Now!

| 6 Jun 2013 17:45
Arcane Saga Screen 4

Arcane Saga, the rebrand of Prius Online is live now!

Fans of the cancelled MMO Prius Online can rejoice as its spiritual successor, Arcane Saga is live now! Arcane Saga is a free-to-play rebrand of Prius made by the game's original developer, NetMarble. The new fantasy MMO features a unique combo combat system and some of the most intense PvP around. Arcane Saga is now available on both Steam and NetMarble.

One of the biggest draws to Arcane Saga is its quick leveling feature. New players can easily reach level 25 and gain access to most of the game within a few hours. But this isn't to say the game is shallow. With an insanely deep combo system and a strong focus on their very competitive PvP, Arcane Saga will hook you early and refuse to let go.

Arcane Saga Online

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