Soul of the Ultimate Nation Closing on July 4, 2013

| 7 Jun 2013 00:10
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Soul of the Ultimate Nation came on strong then just sort of hovered like a creepy house guest.

Webzen, owners of gPotato and various MMO portals like Gala-Net recently announced that their free to play MMO, Soul of the Ultimate Nation would begin to be phased out beginning on June 5th with the final day of server activity marked as July 4th, 2013.

Released in 2009, this game boasted that it was a single player RPG with MMO battle systems. Essentially, players would socialize in towns and ask NPCs to create "rooms" for them to do battle in. These rooms could be done solo or with other players with customization of difficulty, map type, and types of monsters allowed.

Soul of the Ultimate Nation

Soul of the Ultimate Nation had 5 character classes: Dragon Knight, Berserker, Valkyrie, Shadow, and Elementalist. In 2011, Webzen released supplemental material for SUN, adding gender customization and more customization options for player appearance.

Source: Soul of the Ultimate Nation Website

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