Block and Load: Guncraft is Coming

| 7 Jun 2013 11:20

The Minecraft-like shooter is releasing on July 11.

Have you ever wondered what Minecraft would be like if it had less mindless meandering around and more guns? You'll find out soon. Guncraft, a blocky FPS with very similar building elements, is already in open beta; it will be releasing officially on July 11.

The voxel-based shooter adds various multiplayer modes and a "gunsmithing" system to Minecraft's building blocks sandbox formula. You'll also be able to use the building to your advantage - by building a barrier to take cover behind as soon as you need it, for example.

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Guncraft is a voxel-based first person shooter that boasts fully destructible environments, the ability to construct individual blocks or full structures in a single click, tons of killstreak rewards such as helicopters, jetpacks, bunker buster missiles, drones, and turrets, and a fully featured map creation tool that also features a voxel map importing function. Play traditional modes like Deathmatch and CTF, or totally unique modes like Lava Survival and Siege Mode. On top of that, there are standalone servers, peer hosted servers, clan support and friends lists, in and out of game chat, leaderboards, and much, much more.

There will be eight game modes for up to 16 players to play over the internet or a LAN connection, including a "Lava Survival" mode that sees players building upwards to escape magma seeping from the ground, and a wave-based mode called "Onslaught."

The gunsmithing feature, meanwhile, allows gamers to create practically anything - we're promised that even "grenade-launching cats" as a possibility. A lot more exciting than Minecraft's plodding pigs, you've gotta admit.

The FPS side of things adds such genre staples as killstreaks and a clan system. Meanwhile, the developer, Exato Games, promises ongoing content updates, with maps, features, and even new gameplay modes planned. Though already in open beta - you can play for free or preorder it for $15 from Guncraft's website - its official release will see it hit Desura, Green Man Gaming, Digital Games, and GamersGate. It's also making a push for a Steam release via its Greenlight page.

"It's been a true labor of crazy love with the amount of features we've packed in and we're eager to see the creativity of our fans when we officially deliver the fully launched game," says lead developer John Getty.

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