Tales of Solaris Introduces Plume Customization System

| 7 Jun 2013 18:16
tales of solaris

Soar to new heights in Tales of Solaris.

Tales of Solaris, the game once known as Tales of Laputa, has undergone a lot of changes recently. On top of the rebrand, the free-to-play anime MMO where you make your own fairy tale also introduced new game mechanics and features over the past few weeks. Now, developer NGames have announced the newest system being added to the game: the Plume customization system, which allows players to create unique wings for their characters.

The Plume system is for characters level 50 and up, and lets players create stat-boosting wing sets. To make the wings, players will have to collect Plume parts by hunting in special locations that can only be accessed by spending in-game gold on Ingots. The more a player spends, the higher the chance of finding better Plume parts.

Players can also upgrade Plumes or synthesize multiple sets of wings together to get multiple bonuses. There's even the chance to find a rare Fertility Feather that offers a 5000 EXP boost.

The event is going on now, so if you're looking to earn your wings, now's the time.

Source: Tales of Solaris Developer Blog

Tales of Solaris

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