Final Fantasy 14 Letter Live at E3 Details PVP and More

| 12 Jun 2013 16:50
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Square Enix CEO ambushed with Lightning as a cat girl in Lightning Returns, promises to get Lightning into Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn somehow.

Today, the first part of the E3 Live Letter from the Producer aired on Square Enix's live channel. This half of the letter was only in Japanese and did not include a translator. However, Reinhart, a user from the Order of the Blue Gartr forum community, live translated this letter so those of us who do not speak Japanese could learn a little more about Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn.

Thanks to Reinhart, we learned a little about legacy servers, PS4 release details, DirectX 11, Frontline PVP, looking for group tools, and a special surprise from Final Fantasy 13-2 director Motomu Toriyama for Naoki Yoshida, director of Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn. These questions all came from Japanese fans of the Final Fantasy franchise.

The first topic asked about was, of course, the Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn for Playstation 4 announcement. Specifically, they wanted to know if players who purchase the game for PS3 would also have to purchase the game for PS4 as well as when it is planned to be released. Yoshida mentioned that the announcement was brand new and that they were still working on the details but that players could expect a DirectX 11 and PS4 port to be released pretty close together and as soon as a year or so from now.

An additional question came with the PS4 restriction of Playstation Plus being required to play PS4 games online. Yoshida noted that he didn't know about this until yesterday and that Sony wanted to talk to them about it when they got back to Japan. Next, they asked about Legacy servers.

Legacy servers are those worlds that all former players of the original Final Fantasy 14 were moved onto when the original game closed down. It seems that players will be able to create new characters there even though original FF14 characters will be transitioning there. So, legacy severs may be a bit more difficult for newer players because so many higher level characters might be present there.

Fans then asked about the "Frontline" PVP system (large scale PVP). They wanted to know if Frontline battles would be available at launch. Yoshida noted that they were planning to implement this system in patch 2.2 or 2.3 (FF:ARR will begin at 2.0). He also noted that crafters will have a place in PVP as well (somehow).

Next, he outlined the finder system, LFG or LFR if you wanted to compare with WoW. A fan asked if players would be able to queue for a group in the finder system under multiple jobs (since this game will feature the ability to level multiple jobs on one character). Yoshida stated that players can queue with their current job (as in, active at the moment of queue) and then go about their business as they like. When a group is assembled, they will be prompted to change back to that job once you get invited. While this doesn't necessarily allow players to look for a group to adventure with under multiple jobs, it does allow players to do 2 things at once without much preparation so I'd take this as a good thing.

Finally, new Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda ambushed Yoshida with a picture of Lightning (from Final Fantasy 13 and 13-2) as a Miqo'te (the cat girl race in FF14). Yoshida laughed at how quickly the Lightning Returns team managed to put the model together and gave Matsuda his blessing on using this costume for Lightning Returns. Yoshida then went on to say that he's going to work to get Lightning into FF14 somehow, but was worried that his team may revolt if he asks them to do more work. The new saga of Lightning in Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn is not over so stay tuned for more information as we get it!

Also, check out our other Final Fantasy 14 coverage! Also, check out the new trailer below.

Source: Reinhartv Twitch Channel and Square Enix Presents

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