Latest e3-Live Final Fantasy 14 Producer Letter Reveals Arcanist, Summoner, Scholar and More

| 14 Jun 2013 00:09

Fish to relax, forget about your troubles in Final Fantasy 14.

Today, english speaking Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn fans got to ask ARR producer Naoki Yoshida their questions about this upcoming game. Yoshida promised to answer more questions this time around as the fanbase had been criticizing him for the previous Japanese language portion of this letter. So, the questions asked were slightly different and demanded a bit more detail. Today, fans wanted to know more about the Arcanist class, expansion possibilities, Ishguard (the unreachable city-state in FF14, classic Final Fantasy monsters, skirmishes or battlegrounds, and Free Companies (guilds). The most important note made here, for those interested in release and timings, is that the time between the last phase of beta and the first day of early access is approximately 1-3 days. Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn officially releases on August 28, 2013.

So the big reveal today was that the Arcanist class splits into 2 different jobs - Summoner and Scholar. Each of these jobs have a pet. Arcanists have Carbuncle when they begin, Summoners have an "Eggie" or an avatar of a given Primal, and Scholars have a fairy that helps them heal party members. While the Arcanists and Summoners will be able to change the type of pet that they have, Scholars have just the one fairy but will be able to change that fairy's mode. In talking about this particular Class splitting into multiple jobs, they touched on the fact that there are most likely going to be jobs or even classes added to the game as they get closer to the first expansion. Yoshida also mentioned that the always mysterious, far off city-state of Ishguard will not be reachable for "a while" after release as the various quests and events that teach players about that area must be explored first.

Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn

Next, Yoshida talked about some skirmish-type battles. He noted that players will be able to fight against classic Final Fantasy monsters in various battleground types. Perhaps the most interesting note of this discussion was that players will earn tokens doing these battles as well as dungeons. These tokens can then be used to trade for weapons and armor that these battles may be able to drop. That particular system is a very welcome augmentation to the standard raiding model. Yoshida also mentioned that there will be large open field battles against primals that multiple players can participate in. These battles will be phased and are referred to as the FATE encounters or Full Active Time Events (see video of one on next page).

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