Final Fantasy 14 Preview Part One - Reigniting a Fanboy

| 17 Jun 2013 22:00

In Final Fantasy 14, punching a crab has never felt so dynamic!

This weekend, I got to experience a game I reported on during e3, Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn. This weekend began the third phase of its beta test and with a release date of August 27th, the game is hopefully close to how it will look and feel on release. A bonus to this final phase 3 is that the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) was lifted so that people can finally talk about the game's content and share screenshots with everyone. So, with a dozen or so hours of play under my belt, lets get a little more in depth analysis of FFXIV!

Before I get into my impressions of this game, let me explain my state of mind about Final Fantasy 14. There is nothing in the world of video games that can match the earth-shattering disappointment I felt when I started playing the original version of this game. In fact, I was so disillusioned with that generation of MMOs that I cancelled everything and settled for WoW. I just couldn't bring myself to try new MMOs. With that in mind, my mind started to change after I watched the trailer for A Realm Reborn in late 2012. The interest was rekindled and it became even more supercharged during e3 as I watched the producer letters with who might become the champion of Square Enix, Naoki Yoshida.

Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn

This article and another tomorrow will cover my impressions of this game. In all, I have only played around 13 hours as a Pugilist but this is far more than enough time to form an impression of this game's worth. Also, I believe Square Enix is more than aware that they have a tiny window to hook players as the polish of this new game shows in everything from the grass to the raid bosses.

Today, we will talk about the little things like character creation, and then head on in to tutorial missions and the grand narrative.

Tomorrow, we'll head into power structures, control styles, and quest hub distribution. Finally, we'll round it out with a bit on group work and the "leves."

If you're interested in the screenshots from my adventures around Eozera, please click one of the shots below!

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This game looks quite good, I've applied for the beta but I doubt I'll get in.

I also pre-ordered after playing the beta last weekend. I remember my excitement the first time I pre-ordered it and the subsequent depression. I think this time though, that excitement will be met. I am excited at the idea of having an MMO that isn't WoW to play for a while.

I played FFXI for a few years, until WoW came out, then moved on. I wanted to get the original FFXIV, but couldn't afford a computer upgrade in time for release, then found out I'd dodged a bullet with the terrible gameplay.

Now? I've been following it since Realm Reborn was announced and have been eagerly awaiting release. I played a few hours of the beta last weekend, enough to cement my desire to start an MMO again (a dangerous thing), and have preordered my copy. It's simply amazing what they've done.

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