Final Fantasy 14 Preview Part One - Reigniting a Fanboy

| 17 Jun 2013 22:00
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Full Active Timed Events (FATEs)
For those of us who enjoy world events and for those of us who enjoy massive battles, FATEs are something you'll find supremely satisfying. FATEs are special points on the map where an event occurs. Within the area, you will be flagged as a participant of the event and you will be graded once the event ends on how much help you provided. The neatest thing about these events is that if you are above the level requirement for the mission, a button appears in the quest log that allows you to immediately level sync with the mission. Players will not lose their combat abilities, they will simply do less damage.

Now, one thing about FATEs that I can see being a problem is that if you're the only one in a FATE when it starts, you will be the target if it is a swarm of monsters attacking a town. The very first time I died in the game, it looked a little like the picture to the right on the bottom. Yes, 10 or so goblins were all throwing their bombs at me and yes, even though there was a massive red circle around me, I didn't get out of the way. I am a noob, but it was exciting time! I am happy to see the goblins from FF11 are back.

FATE Goblins ff14 300

One aspect of the higher level FATEs that I find fascinating is that they will eventually involve the citizens of cities. If no one is around, the citizens will be kidnapped and before anything can be done, those NPCs must be rescued. This is a really fun mechanic that reminds me of FF11's Beseiged events where players had to go a few zones over to rescue NPCs that were kidnapped from the central city of the Aht Urgan expansion cities. It remains to be seen what sort of impact this might have on leveling zones or quest hubs but I sort of hope that it is significant.

Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn

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This game looks quite good, I've applied for the beta but I doubt I'll get in.

I also pre-ordered after playing the beta last weekend. I remember my excitement the first time I pre-ordered it and the subsequent depression. I think this time though, that excitement will be met. I am excited at the idea of having an MMO that isn't WoW to play for a while.

I played FFXI for a few years, until WoW came out, then moved on. I wanted to get the original FFXIV, but couldn't afford a computer upgrade in time for release, then found out I'd dodged a bullet with the terrible gameplay.

Now? I've been following it since Realm Reborn was announced and have been eagerly awaiting release. I played a few hours of the beta last weekend, enough to cement my desire to start an MMO again (a dangerous thing), and have preordered my copy. It's simply amazing what they've done.

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