Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode 2 Update Includes New Race, Loot, Planet

| 18 Jun 2013 15:31
Phantasy Star Online 2 Screenshot

PSO2's newest update brings tons of content to the table, including a new planet, race, and a second character.

Last week, Sega announced a major content update for their sci-fi MMO Phantasy Star Online 2, which will be released on July 17. Referred to as Episode 2, the newest patch includes a new planet, a new race, and the option for players to unlock a second character.

PSO2 has yet to reach Western audiences, and any attempt to access the game outside of Japan has been met with threats of bans. No news from E3 last week left American gamers wondering if the game will ever show up on this side of the Pacific.

Sega's Japanese-language trailer below gives more details, but only if you speak Japanese. If not, just keep your eyes peeled for new items and the new Duman race.


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