City of Steam Adding Siege of the Spire PVP Event

| 18 Jun 2013 18:33
city of steam siege of the spire

A new PVP map is coming to City of Steam.

City of Steam, the free-to-play browser based game from Mechanist Games, is currently in Open Beta. For a few weeks now, all types of players have been enjoying everything the title has to offer, including the game's two PVP events, Arena and Tesla Defense. While both of these events offer interesting and unique challenges, a new one, called Siege of the Spire, will enter the mix when City of Steam updates to version 1.3

Siege of the Spire is a PVP map that pits players against each other and waves of spawning monsters. The three-lane map is MOBA-inspired and features turrets, monster spawns, and a main base for both teams.

"There are three rows where the mobs duke it out, and the paths between them combined with the third person camera and limited visibility have already lead to some edge-of-seat battles at the office," said Mechanist.

To win at Siege of the Spire, you and your allies will have to push in to the enemy team's base and destroy it. It won't be easy though, as the towers in this mode are stronger than your standard MOBA tower. This is saying something, considering towers are usually no joke.

Even though Mechanist says they're happy with all of the PVP events in game, they did mention that they're working on more. So if you're a fan of PVP, definitely stay tuned to see what's coming next.

Source: Mechanist Games Dev Blog

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