WarCry Awards Best MMO and Best MOBA of E3 2013

| 18 Jun 2013 21:00

We played all the best MMOs of E3 2013 and awarded the ones we thought stole the show.

There's always a lot of games at E3, the huge spectacle of a trade show that invades the Los Angeles Convention Center every June. This year there were a lot of console games on offer, because well, you may have heard of the Next Generation and realized people weren't talking about Star Trek. PC gaming was in full force at the show too, and WarCry spent hours going to booths to play the latest MMOs and MOBA games on offer. Here are the best games we saw at E3.


The Elder Scrolls Online 04

WarCry's Best MMO of E3 2013

The Elder Scrolls Online

The best MMO at E3 was a difficult award to give, but the sheer desire to keep playing it is what tipped our hand towards ESO. The flawless execution of the fantasy universe we've come to love from games like Oblivion and Skyrim come to life in this extremely well-acted and well-designed MMO.

From Greg Tito's preview:

Even with the distractions of a faulty keyboard and the hullabaloo of E3 around me, I was so lost in its rich storytelling that I almost missed my next appointment.

Throughout the whole quest line, I might have fought only a handful of enemies. I'm impressed the Elder Scrolls team was able to show off a quest series that proved storytelling in MMOs doesn't have to revolve around killing X amount of dudes.

Congratulations to Bethesda, the developers at Zenimax Online Studios and the community and PR team working the booth at E3 for a great showing of The Elder Scrolls Online!

The Elder Scrolls Online


Solstice Arena 03

WarCry's Best MOBA of E3 2013

Solstice Arena

The award for best Moba goes to an upstart from a little known development house recently acquired by Zynga. But don't let the corporate name fool you, this fast iOS MOBA has a lot that differentiates it from the crowd of LoL clones. From Leah Jackson's preview of Solstice Arena:

Solstice Arena is an iOS speed MOBA that offers the perfect bite-sized chunk of play on any iOS device. While other MOBAs like League of Legends and Dota 2 offer excellent experiences in their own right, Solstice Arena brings something entirely new to the table.

The auto-buy option is one way Zynga helps make the game more accessible to new players. Additionally, there's no chat in the game so no one is going to be running around calling you a noob or a feeder the whole time. This was a conscious decision on Zynga's part. Not only did they want players to feel welcome, but during a five minute game it would be annoying if your teammates were chatting the whole time. To communicate, there's an alert team button you can press which allows you to ping different things you want your team to do.

Congratulations to Frederic Deschamps and Jordan Maynard from A Bit Lucky, now known as Team Solstice at Zynga, for delivering a fantastic new MOBA available now from the iTunes store. Personally, I'm waiting for the Android or PC version, but if you have an iDevice, you should give Solstice Arena a shot.


Awarding WarCry's Best MOBA from E3 2013 in person on the last day of the show. From Left to Right: Zynga's Frederic Descamps, WarCry's Jonathan Deesing and Leah Jackson, Zynga's Jordan Maynard.

Solstice Arena

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