Final Fantasy 14 Preview Part 2 - The Bees Punch Back

| 19 Jun 2013 16:00
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Final Fantasy 14 is a game about bees and the crabs that punch them. We continue our preview of FF14.

This is the second and final part of Nick LaLone's preview that began earlier this week with Final Fantasy 14 - Reigniting a Fanboy. Here, we examine the procedures, mechanics, or whatever you may call the "play" elements of a game.

When entering into an MMO like Final Fantasy 14, the first thing you're introduced to are the infinitesimal things you can do in an MMO. Every player has to be socialized into the nature of the game and we judge games by how quickly we get hooked. How we get hooked is something of a crapshoot but we do know that games, by their very nature, are limiting environments and we tend to judge them on the possibilities of action faulting them for limitations that might seem like "lazy programming" or are poorly thought out.

Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn

The biggest problem with the original launch of Final Fantasy 14 was that there wasn't enough research done into what was working at the time and that limited players in a way they weren't ready to accept and that didn't really make any sense. There wasn't enough time spent making easy to understand systems for players to explore. And, most of all, there wasn't enough content once players reached the highest level.

In essence, the game was a shallow mess and despite some really amazing patches, there was little that could be done to salvage the damage caused by the launch. This was further complicated by the disasters the Japanese were working through. I mean, a tsunami, an earthquake, and a nuclear meltdown are enough to stop any game's development. If anything, Square Enix deserves a tip of our hats for having the humility to pull the plug on something that wasn't working and trying to deliver something that does.

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In order to make FF14 a success, Square Enix needed to actually try and address the massive elephant in the room. That elephant's name is World of Warcraft and it has pretty well set the norm for how to run MMOs for almost 10 years now. Surprisingly, Blizzard managed to get the most players by doing pretty exhaustive research on what worked well in games like FF11, Everquest, and Dark Age of Camelot. They then combined those things into an set of well-established MMO elements wrapped in a Warcraft III narrative. This perfect storm of development grabbed the pre-existing fanbase and every player tired of the then stale MMO market. With WoW subscription numbers on the decline, Square may have a bit of a boost in sales but Final Fantasy 14 doesn't have the consistent narrative advantage Blizzard had.

The big question I had in mind as I played FF14 was: given the ambiance of the world, does this remake manage to address the problems it originally had while simultaneously taking pre-existing successful designs and augmenting them into something new and exciting?

First, we'll talk about power structures and how well ARR seems to reward players with new spells and abilities. In conjunction with this power structure, i'll discuss how players use that power. Is this another game where players can just press 3 over and over to win like my Mage does in WoW? Second, we'll dig into the UI; what does it mean that this game is more about a controller than it is a keyboard and mouse. Are there other options? Next, we'll get into quest hubs, Battleleaves, Guildhests, and all the battles in between. These are the bread and butter of the MMO experience at present. What does it mean for Final Fantasy 14 and its myriad of job systems for a single character? Are they more fun and more varied than 1.0 FF14? And finally, in the conclusion we give you 3 reasons any gamer would have to purchase this game.

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There is only a limit per day on guildleves, nothing else so they are the equivalent of other MMOs daily quests + they accumulate so you can don't feel you have to login in every day so you don't "miss" your dailies which I like. They also are not mandatory to level up with, and I suspect them being a key component to assist the leveling of your non primary classes later on.

Guildhests are totally grindable but only give the big XP boost once a day which is more of an encouragement thing tbh.
Aside from that there are none of the terrible fast travel restrictions or leveling restrictions that so marred the 1.0 release.

I don't know Nobuoa. I mean, they limit battleleves and you lose bonuses to hests after you do them once but you can do hests for forever. I know in the later content you can do them quite often. One major difference between this limit and WoW (which essentially has the same limit) is that you never reach the end of WoW's per day limit because they've had a long time to get tons of content (so much so that they just re-hash old dungeons with different level mobs).

I'm hoping this will be the same with ff14 but only time will tell of course!

I was really, really hoping that they would change that core design philosophy of limiting what the player can do per-day. They clearly haven't, and that was my major reason for leaving the game. UI, combat, lag and all can be updated and fixed, but the design of the game didn't change. Oh well, I guess it's just not for me.

awesome, looking forward to that. Imo if they have big raid locations and multiple massive challenging raid bosses then this game is sold to me from beginning to end!

awesome, looking forward to that. Imo if they have big raid locations and multiple massive challenging raid bosses then this game is sold to me from beginning to end!

The beta this weekend adds the legacy characters to the game. Many of these characters will be at end game so by the end of this weekend, we should know more.

Is there endgame content that can most easily be compared to raids in WOW?

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