Final Fantasy 14 Preview Part 2 - The Bees Punch Back

| 19 Jun 2013 16:00

Power Structure and The Effort of Battle
I played Pugilist for 16 levels and I have to say that I never got tired of the totally awesome sound of the "Bootshine Combo." This 3-hit punch starts nearly every skill combination that I was capable of at that level.

As I went up in level and progressed through the guild quests for the pugilist, I was introduced to more and more abilities. It seems as though this game is set up on a long solo skillchain of button presses a la Sabin from Final Fantasy 6. By level 16, I began my combos with the Bootshine, followed it up with a 1-strike punch called "True Strike" and finished it with a "Snap Punch." Once this Snap Punch landed, I could begin the skill combo anew.

I'm sure I would get more powers later, it was nice to be able to rely on my standard 3 ability combo while I acclimated to the insanely fast battle system. Still, I heard a ton of complaints about players only having 10-12 skills at maximum level so this may be something that will need to be tweaked after the release.

Odin Field 300

I had no complaints about variety though. I gained a healing ability called Second Wind, an ability that damaged over time that was awarded via a quest, various strength increases, and upgrades to pre-existing skills like Bootshine Combo 2! Or Strength Bonus 2! Eventually, I started to get more interesting skills like the Haymaker. This Haymaker was an ability that I could only use if I dodged an enemy attack. The attack didn't have to be targeted on me so as long as I dodged an AOE from a different monster that at least knew I was nearby. The UI noted (via a dashed box rotating over that button) that I could use this attack as long as I wasn't waiting for a global cool down between abilities.

The Haymaker did something new for me that I hadn't had a chance to experience as a punch-only character. In essence, it now passively forced me to pay attention to the way the monster was attacking. While many of the leveling quest monsters didn't require a very high degree of concentration, I could tell the requirement that I pay attention to this would increase significantly. Even fighting something as routine as a frog or a crab required me to pay attention to long wind-up attacks that had a sizable damage spike and range. I believe this may be a criticism of FF14 but it can also just as easily be a compliment depending on your opinion of current MMO combat trends.

Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn

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There is only a limit per day on guildleves, nothing else so they are the equivalent of other MMOs daily quests + they accumulate so you can don't feel you have to login in every day so you don't "miss" your dailies which I like. They also are not mandatory to level up with, and I suspect them being a key component to assist the leveling of your non primary classes later on.

Guildhests are totally grindable but only give the big XP boost once a day which is more of an encouragement thing tbh.
Aside from that there are none of the terrible fast travel restrictions or leveling restrictions that so marred the 1.0 release.

I don't know Nobuoa. I mean, they limit battleleves and you lose bonuses to hests after you do them once but you can do hests for forever. I know in the later content you can do them quite often. One major difference between this limit and WoW (which essentially has the same limit) is that you never reach the end of WoW's per day limit because they've had a long time to get tons of content (so much so that they just re-hash old dungeons with different level mobs).

I'm hoping this will be the same with ff14 but only time will tell of course!

I was really, really hoping that they would change that core design philosophy of limiting what the player can do per-day. They clearly haven't, and that was my major reason for leaving the game. UI, combat, lag and all can be updated and fixed, but the design of the game didn't change. Oh well, I guess it's just not for me.

awesome, looking forward to that. Imo if they have big raid locations and multiple massive challenging raid bosses then this game is sold to me from beginning to end!

awesome, looking forward to that. Imo if they have big raid locations and multiple massive challenging raid bosses then this game is sold to me from beginning to end!

The beta this weekend adds the legacy characters to the game. Many of these characters will be at end game so by the end of this weekend, we should know more.

Is there endgame content that can most easily be compared to raids in WOW?

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