Final Fantasy 14 Preview Part 2 - The Bees Punch Back

| 19 Jun 2013 16:00
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Quest Hubs, Guildleves, and Guildhests
Given the spirit of battle and the way we interact with it through the user interface, what does FF14 have to offer the player? Is this simply another Asian grindfest? The simple answer to this question is that this game is a quest-hub driven game with solo content for battle classes and crafting classes called Guildleves and group content called Guildhests that send a party of adventures to an objective-based battleground.

FF14 is very much a game with quest hubs. You start first in the "bar" of your starter city. For me, I started in Ul'dah talking to Momodi as she sent me to various parts of the city. The last quest sent me to talk to a new quest hub nearby, I believe it was some sort of railway station (yes, there are trains in this game) named Black Forest. Here, the game taught me how to buy items from vendors, how to use potions, how to repair equipment, and then I was sent off to another quest hub where I reached level 10 and was sent to a quest hub that contained Guildleves.

Guildleves are solo quests. Much like the original FF14, players are allocated 4 possible quests per day that they can do. It is unclear if undone quest allocations carry over to new quests the next day. What I mean is, if I do 1 quest of 4 1 day, will I then have 7 quests I can do the next day? Originally, these slots carried over to a possible total of 99.

Guildleves are separated into Battlecraft and Fieldcraft quests. Battlecraft involves doing quests for your class. Here, you kill or collect items from monsters and are rewarded experience points for them. Fieldcraft are for professions like Alchemy, Tailoring, Smithing, and more. The real gem that I found was in one of the level 15 Guildhests.

Guildhests are group battlegrounds and unlike the limited Guildleves, players are welcome to engage in as many of these as they have time for - however, each time you do a Guildhest it decreases the experience points awarded. Still, the first bonus xp a player gets is amazing. At level 15, the xp to next level was somewhere around 30,000. Just one of the level 15 guildhests awarded me with around 8-10k xp for about 10 minutes of work but only 1k each attempt after that.

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The Guildhests are very, very similar to Naja Salaheem's Assults from FF11. You gather a group of individuals and sign up to perform a task. At level 10, your tasks are simple, pull one group of monsters without linking the others, pull a group of monsters when the bigger boss isn't looking, or the always fun, "deal with adds" scenario in which the party is engaged with a large monsters that is constantly summoning what can only be referred to as "whelps" at this point in MMO history.

However, once you hit level 15, these Guildhests become extremely fun. The first involves fighting your way through a series of guarded doors. Some doors require you to defeat monsters before they open whereas others require you to pull a lever. My group traveled through these dungeons to the end level, a massive frog. Here, we had to dps the frog down fast enough before groups of monsters managed to work their way through boulders blocking their way. Since the beta doesn't contain every single class in the game, we had to do this without dedicated heal support and so it became a very violent fight against the clock.

More Guildhests 300

We won, but not without a few deaths. The first time we did this was the most fun I've had in a game in a long time. The second Guildhest was against a massive turtle. This turtle was much larger and much more difficult than we could handle so we had to take turns kiting it around a large arena. While we kited it, waves of adds spawned that we had to dps down quickly. In the center of the arena was a bag of explosives that needed a trigger, a drop from a monster that would eventually spawn.

So, with this turtle chasing me while I punched it in the face, I saw the flame spirit spawn across the map and ran to attack it with a giant turtle chasing me. As I punched the flame spirit, my comrades managed to grab the turtle and kite it away. However, once the flame spirit died and the key item came into our possession, new waves of adds spawned and it made it very difficult to accomplish this task. I remember running across the arena and wildly clicking on the explosive as the turtle entered the area that would catch on fire. I died just as we completed the arena, respawned, and grabbed my reward. With healer support and more experience, that fight could become amazing and I really hope that the other missions are just as fun.

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There is only a limit per day on guildleves, nothing else so they are the equivalent of other MMOs daily quests + they accumulate so you can don't feel you have to login in every day so you don't "miss" your dailies which I like. They also are not mandatory to level up with, and I suspect them being a key component to assist the leveling of your non primary classes later on.

Guildhests are totally grindable but only give the big XP boost once a day which is more of an encouragement thing tbh.
Aside from that there are none of the terrible fast travel restrictions or leveling restrictions that so marred the 1.0 release.

I don't know Nobuoa. I mean, they limit battleleves and you lose bonuses to hests after you do them once but you can do hests for forever. I know in the later content you can do them quite often. One major difference between this limit and WoW (which essentially has the same limit) is that you never reach the end of WoW's per day limit because they've had a long time to get tons of content (so much so that they just re-hash old dungeons with different level mobs).

I'm hoping this will be the same with ff14 but only time will tell of course!

I was really, really hoping that they would change that core design philosophy of limiting what the player can do per-day. They clearly haven't, and that was my major reason for leaving the game. UI, combat, lag and all can be updated and fixed, but the design of the game didn't change. Oh well, I guess it's just not for me.

awesome, looking forward to that. Imo if they have big raid locations and multiple massive challenging raid bosses then this game is sold to me from beginning to end!

awesome, looking forward to that. Imo if they have big raid locations and multiple massive challenging raid bosses then this game is sold to me from beginning to end!

The beta this weekend adds the legacy characters to the game. Many of these characters will be at end game so by the end of this weekend, we should know more.

Is there endgame content that can most easily be compared to raids in WOW?

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