Marvel Heroes Adds New Costumes For Ms. Marvel And Colossus

| 19 Jun 2013 16:04
marvel heroes new costume

Marvel Heroes adds new threads.

If you've been enjoying Marvel Heroes and its wide variety of characters and costumes, you'll be pleased that developer Gazillion is focused on bringing more over time. As part of this initiative, they've unveiled two new costumes from the 1980s era for Ms. Marvel and Colossus.

Ms. Marvel's new costume is from Uncanny X-Men #163 and #164 when she experienced some crazy changes during an outer-space adventure. After being experimented on and reaching her full potential she transformed into Binary, a bright fiery red woman with incredible power.

"We couldn't pass up the chance to recreate this distinct look for Carol Danvers - it's safe to say she's never looked quite like this, before or since! Special visual effects have been added to show off Carol's 'cosmic flare' and give her a unique appearance," said Gazillion.

As for Colossus, his new costume is from Uncanny X-Men issue #229. In the comic, Colossus was so hot that he stripped down to just his shorts. Who knew metal men could be so sensitive to the heat?

"It's the same Colossus you know and love, just with more exposed metal," explained Gazillion.

Both the Ms. Marvel and Colossus costumes are now available in Marvel Heroes. You can pick them up in the store, or by finding them as loot drops. New costumes will be coming soon, so stay tuned to find out if your favorite Hero is getting an update.

Source: Marvel Heroes Dev Blog

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