Defiance Introduces Recruit-A-Friend

| 19 Jun 2013 19:07
defiance recruit-a-friend

Unlock rewards for playing with friends.

MMOs are always better with a friend or two along for the ride, and Defiance is no different. To help players wrangle their friends in to the transmedia experience, Trion is introducing a recruit-a-friend feature.

Recruit-a-friend will allow players to unlock rewards for bringing their friends in to Defiance and playing with them. The more people you recruit, the better rewards you'll receive. Awards include the exclusive Headhunter Title, Inventory slots, the Hellblazer Nomad Truck, and Tier 3 Lock Boxes.

To recruit-a-friend, head to the official recruit-a-friend website. Then, simply invite up to five friends to sign up. Once they're in the game, watch as your rewards start to pile in.

Some may think that this is cheap advertising on Trion's part, but in the end, the program is a nice way to give back to folks who are already getting their friends to play.

Source: Defiance Dev Blog


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