City of Steam Update 1.3: Tears Of The Oracle Revealed

| 19 Jun 2013 20:03
city of steam update 1.3

The greenskins return to City of Steam.

City of Steam developer Mechanist Games is charging right along with their aggressive release schedule. The team only just released City of Steam's 1.2 update a few weeks ago, and now they've unveiled Update 1.3, Tears of The Oracle.

Tears of The Oracle will add a ton of new features to the browser-based game, including an improved Founders' Annex suburb, an increased level cap, new dungeons, longer quest lines, a new collection system, rare mobs in dungeons, cosmetic items, a crafting systems, and new PvP events like Siege of the Spire.

Additionally, Update 1.3 will mark the return of the fan-favorite Channeler class, along with the return of the dwarf, goblin, hobbe, and orc races.

New content is already in the works for City of Steam future updates as well. Mechanist have mentioned that they plan on adding a mess of new features, dungeons, and subburbs to the industrial age fantasy MMO in the coming months.

City of Steam

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