Vindictus Adds New Monsters, Battles, and Teases a New Character

| 20 Jun 2013 17:25

Vindictus piles it on with the Season 2 Episode 2 patch and the first look at a new character.

The latest update for the episodic MMO Vindictus is live now, and boy, is it meaty. Along with expected balancing and bug fixes, the update includes nine new battles and two new monsters - Grim Reapers and Guardians. Also, a number of characters received new skills, magic types, and nerfs, among other changes.

Nexon's full patch notes can be found here and include a much more detailed look at all the other changes. If you need to get pumped up first, here's the Vindictus Season 2 trailer:

On top of the recent update, Nexon kept things spicy by also releasing a teaser video for the game's newest character, Hurk the Bezerker. The teaser cinematic doesn't include any significant info on Hurk, other than the fact he is awesome. Check out the video below:


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