Eden Eternal Gets a Makeover in Reawakening Patch

| 21 Jun 2013 14:52
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For Eden Eternal's two-year anniversary, players get an improved UI, better graphics, and more.

The newest update for free-to-play anime MMORPG Eden Eternal is live now. Entitled "The Reawakening," the newest patch from Aeria Games includes a fairly comprehensive makeover of the game. Such as the addition of diagonal movement using the Q and E keys. This is just one item of a massive list of gameplay improvements, all of which are sure to please loyal fans.

Speaking of loyalty, The Reawakening also includes an update to the Loyalty Shop including over 150 new items. For newer players (or those with a new character), Aeria created a guide for levels 1-10 in the new update that can be found here.

Eden Eternal
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Spread across five great continents packed with raid-style dungeons and sweeping guild wars, Eden Eternal lets you take on the game however you want. With 15 unique classes all unlockable and accessible by a single character, you can freely switch from a tank to a healer and everything in between, as you help your guild flourish in both PvE and PvP action. From building communities with permanent residents to scouring the land for exotic dyes to customize your wardrobe, friendly one-on-one duels and full-scale Territory Wars between guilds, Eden Eternal promises something for everyone.

Another big change was a graphical touch-up to the lighting, which makes the game world simply look clearer and more vivid. Finally, the biggest change was a overhaul of the user interface to make the game more accessible and easier to play. A full list of the details of those two changes can be found here.

Oh, I almost forgot the game also has a double jump now too. It's like they thought of everything.

Source: aeriagames.com

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