MapleStory: Unleashed is Now Live

| 24 Jun 2013 10:02
maplestory eighth anniversary

New video highlights some of the MMO's shiny new content.

Man, bet you never thought you'd be able to hit the ceiling of level 250 when you first began playing MapleStory way back in 2003, huh? Well, that's certainly a thing you can now do a decade later, thanks to the MMO's newest update Unleashed.

While the name may make it sound as though adorable pet terriers and kittens are being added to the fantasy world, in actuality, we'll be seeing things far more fearsome. As detailed in our original Unleashed announcement, the update adds a slew of numbers. In addition to the new level cap and some UI tweaks, we're also looking at a maximum damage limit of 50 million, a 500k health point cap, a new 190-200 leveling zone... and the list goes on.

Thankfully, all the information's been loaded into a YouTube video, making those zillion-digit numbers much easier for players to comprehend. Check it out below.


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