Hybrid-Genre Browser Game Tynon Launches Officially June 27

| 24 Jun 2013 10:53

The genre-bending strategy MMO has been developed by new studio uCool, composed partially of former Evony developers.

Remember when you couldn't check your email without an Evony ad cropping up somewhere? Yeah - if, like me, you've been wondering what happened to those Evony guys, here's your partial answer. Some of them have been working on Tynon, a new cross-genre browser game that's launching officially this June 27.

Though it's been in beta for about a year now, and already had a quiet "stealth launch," the 27th marks Tynon's official unveiling to the gaming world. According to the Tynon blog, there were originally five geographically based servers upon soft launch, and that number's now increased to 10.

Tynon claims to encompass a mix of various mechanics, so there's likely to be something here you'll enjoy. Animated combat sequences will placate the tactical strategy fan, while city builders will be able to get their farm-building on. And, of course, it's all supported by an RPG backbone. You can play at the Tynon website.


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