Gundog Open Beta Begins June 28, Actually Dogs Shooting Guns

| 24 Jun 2013 18:05
Gundog 1

Gundog enters open beta on Friday, proves that third-person shooters don't have to be third-person.

OGPlanet, the free-to-play team behind Heroes of the Realm announced today that their newest game Gundog will be entering an open beta beginning Friday, June 28. The game is a third-person shooter that pits dogs against other dogs in a World War II setting. Yes, it's the Dog of Duty title everyone was clamoring for, but with more cel-shading.

Gundog looks similar to Team Fortress 2 in gameplay and design, minus the third-person perspective. Cel-shaded dogs stalk through maps, and guns give off an Adam West-esque BLAM! when someone is shot. There is also a card-collection element to the game to encourage players to keep shooting, well, dogs. For some doggy-style gameplay, check out the teaser video below:


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