Guild Wars 2: Sky Pirates of Tyria Is Now Live -- Watch Gameplay Trailer

| 25 Jun 2013 13:00
guild wars 2 sky pirates of tyria

Chaos comes to Lion's Arch.

The Guild Wars 2: Sky Pirates of Tyria content update is now live. After a murder during the Dragon's Bash festival in Lion's Arch, players must investigate what happened in order to bring the culprit to justice. In the update, players will be able to explore a new dungeon, Aetherblade Retreat, as well as take part in the Sea of Sorrows Scavenger Hunt, and an Aetherblade jumping puzzle.

Along with the above features, Sky Pirates adds a skill and trait balance update, custom arenas and Spectator Mode for PvP enthusiasts, and Mortar Mastery training for those who enjoy world vs. world. The whole update is tied together by the new permanent Aetherblade faction, which we've been able to learn a lot about recently.

To celebrate the release, ArenaNet have released a trailer of the content, which you can check out below.

The Guild Wars 2: Sky Pirates of Tyria update is available now.

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