PlanetSide 2 Gets Player Generated Missions In August

| 25 Jun 2013 17:19
planetside 2 player generated content

Create missions for your friends.

The PlanetSide 2 development team have always believed that core game content is player driven. The MMOFPS itself is an open-world sandbox driven by player warfare. With that in mind, developer SOE is going to add player generated missions to PlanetSide 2 to further player creativity and interaction.

Coming this August, PlanetSide 2 players with appropriate command certs will have the ability to create mission hotspots on maps that can be viewed be their entire Empire. When creating a mission, players can make people do things in a specific location, like perform Air Strikes in a certain spot, and provide bonus experience for players that accept them. The one catch is that players can only have one mission active at a time.

PlanetSide 2
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Fight for your Empire, in this space opera combat game. Join the Terrans, the Vanu or the New Conglomerate, and help bring your faction glory and fame!

From the developer: "Battles take place not between dozens of troops, but thousands; with air and ground vehicles slugging it out alongside squads of troops. Whether in open fields, tightly packed urban centers or enormous structures, planning, teamwork and communication are essential."

The game is free to play, but you have the option of buying extras - cosmetic and convenience stuff - in game.

This is only available on PC for the moment, but there's been talk of a Mac port.

Here are some examples SOE gave of PlanetSide 2 player-generated missions:

Air Strikes at location

  • XP bonus to ground kills/assists while in aircraft at this location.
  • Greatly increased gunner XP bonus (for Lib Pilots)
  • Greatly increased XP bonus for Sunderer kills.

Deployment to location

  • Large XP increase to deploy-bonuses.
  • Large XP increase to AMS spawn bonuses.
  • XP bonus for repairs to any deployment vehicle (Galaxy & Sunderer)
  • XP bonus to squad-deploy bonuses
  • Increased weight on Instant-action values

SOE haven't given details on all the different types of missions players will be able to make yet, but as the feature isn't coming until August I'm sure we'll hear more in the next few weeks.

Source: PlanetSide 2 Dev Blog

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