Final Fantasy 14 Preview Part 3 - Attacking the Dungeons

| 26 Jun 2013 21:00
sahagin boss 300

At level 15, players are awarded with the experience of hoping onto an airship and travelling to the other 2 starter towns. For reference, these starter towns are Limsa Lominsa, Ul'dah, and Gridania. Each of these cities include a starter dungeon. In this case, I first travelled to Limsa Lominsa and received a quest to head to the entrance to La Noscea Sastasha, the first dungeon I will discuss.

La Noscea Sastasha
The Sastasha is located in the regions around Limsa Lominsa. No matter what you do, you will get a quest that takes you here as you take the airship around the world and get introduced to the larger world of FF14. The order of the dungeons seems to be determined by starter city so your experience may vary.

The quest to come here says something about pirates. Apparently, there are reports of something sinister going on here so you need to assemble a party of 4 to head on in. As with most MMOs, you will need a tank and a healer with the other two being damage dealers of any type. Because this is such a low level, the healer will also be able to damage as well so the challenge of this dungeon isn't so much the difficulty but resource management as the drain on magic points from a magic heavy party will be noticeable.

Players are greeted with a series of caverns. Here, players are introduced to crowd control and sub-targeting. The mobs of fireflies are often included with higher level stationary clams so this dungeon really gently introduces players to party roles as the damage these monsters inflict over time is significant enough to create a little bit of tension.

As the dungeon wears on, you eventually start getting into more difficult battles with pirate groups and mid-boss battles against giant cats. The party eventually starts chasing the Pirate Captain Madison. He runs away twice and you are left to fight his henchmen for a series of keys to unlock doors in order to get deeper into their base.

Sadly, this was somewhat repetitive and I really felt the game start to drag because each time the captain runs away the party is rewarded with gear but you're left to fight another wave of pirates until you get to the next door. My complaints for this could be a result of the 10-15 minute heroics I'm used to running in WoW but after about 30 minutes, it started to get boring.

Duty Complete 1 300

The final battle isn't actually against the Pirate Captain Madison but against a Sahagin who is attempting to invade Limsa Lominsa by taking the Sastasha over. This battle introduces waves of adds that come in and aid a boss as the party slowly dps's down the boss. These waves did get progressively stronger due to their number but after around 50%, we figured out the timing and finished the battle easily.

This was my first dungeon and while it was a bit longer than I wanted it to be, I was very happy at how forgiving it was and the gear my comrades got were pretty significant upgrades to our existing quest rewarded gear. As Yoshida mentions in his letters, there is a line between difficulty too quickly and progress too slowly. Despite its length, I felt like I learned enough to try something harder and after getting my level and a half inside this dungeon, I headed off to the next dungeon, Tam Tara.

Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn

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