Age of Wushu: Legends of Mount Hua Expansion Features -- Prepare to Become A Legend

| 26 Jun 2013 15:57
age of wushu legends of mount hua

Prove your worth in the Mount Hua Competition.

Snail Games have been teasing a few new features coming to their free-to-play kung fu MMO Age of Wushu for a while now, like the new weather system. Yet now they've gone one step further than usual and detailed a ton of features coming to the first Age of Wushu expansion, Legends of Mount Hua.

Legends of Mount Hua relates to the new Mount Hua Competition that will be showcased in the expansion. Top players on each server will be able to fight for titles, costumes, and a Heavenly Sword.

The expansion will also feature a new instance, Yanmen Pass. Yanmen Pass will take players all over China in five different storylines, each with different types of gameplay. So far, the Wulin Line, Village Line, and Defender Line have been revealed.

For PvPers, Mount Hua will have a new MOBA-style Battle Arena, the Youyun Sixteen Arena Prefectures Battle Arena. The Battle will pit 80 or more players against one another with multiple ways to contribute and win.

Legends of Mount Hua will also see the release of the Martial Brothers and Jianghu Faction systems. With the Marital Brothers System, lower level players (and alts) will be able to gain experience faster and get discounts on learning skills. The Jianghu Faction System on the other hand will allow you to earn rewards like titles, costumes, missions, and other items from the major NPCs of Jianghu.

Age of Wushu
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Age of Wushu is a free-to-play 3D martial arts MMO, inspired by the lore of medieval China. As a member of one of eight factions, players will develop their characters, learn new skills and take part in both PvE and PvP combat. The game will be entirely skill-based, without classes or levels, and the martial arts combat is enhanced by superhuman abilities.

There will also be a new monster-hunt feature, where you can kill certain monsters to fill up a Heroic Bar. When the bar fills up, a Jianghu Hero will appear and challenge players to a fight. If the player can defeat these bosses, they'll get unique treasures with varying stat bonuses.

Finally, Legends of Mount Hua will bring the Jiangu Gratitude and Revenge System. After becoming friends with specific NPCs, you'll be able to drag them along in your adventures. They can even do less honorable tasks, like spying and harassing other players, if you want them to.

Snail Games have promised more detailed information on these features in the new few weeks. Legends of Mount Hua is set to release later this summer.

Source: Snail Games

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