League of Legends Gets Its Second Ultimate Skin

| 27 Jun 2013 16:34
Udyr Ultimate Skin

LoL's newest Ultimate Skin just dropped in a minor patch for the public beta environment.

When Riot Games added an "Ultimate" option in the skins section of the League of Legends last year, players were curious to see what would show up there. Riot delivered with an awesome skin for Ezreal back in June 2012, but we haven't seen any Ultimate skins since. Until now. Riot just announced Spirit Guard Udyr, a skin Udyr fans can actually be proud of.

Released in a small patch last night in the public beta environment (PBE), the skin features a number of number of new animal transformations. On a forum post concerning the new skin, game artist Riot DudeBro explained why fans had to wait so long to get a new ultimate skin:

League Of Legends
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League of Legends files the sharp corners off of the notorious MOBA genre into something that's both approachable, yet challenging. Persistant character development lets you develop your strategies over time and build up your summoner profile, while runes can grant you the edge. The community is both highly competitive, yet well-policed. Think you have what it takes to compete in the League of Legends?

It took us longer than 9 months to make this skin. We were working on him before PFE [Pulsefire Ezreal] came out. I mean he's like 13 models, 4+ animation sets, different sounds for each stance, and custom effects per stance for minions,champs,jungle creeps, recalls,and emotes. Some even had max form specific work. phew!

The new skin will sell for 1950 Riot Points for four days after release, after which it will sell for the standard ultimate skin price of 3250 RP. For anyone who doesn't yet own Udyr, Riot will also be selling a bundle with both the champ and the skin for 2295 RP.

Riot has put out four videos for the skin - one for each spell. You can catch the first one below, and head to the official League of Legends Promo Page to view the rest.

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