RIFT's Silverwood and Freemarch Zones Are Under Siege

| 27 Jun 2013 19:46
rift siege event

Earn bonus loot during RIFT's latest invasion.

A new RIFT invasion event has begun. RIFT, the fantasy MMO from Trion Worlds that recently re-launched as a free-to-play title, holds invasion events every so often where players have to work together to repel enemies from marching on specific areas of the game. This time around, the baddies are coming for Silverwood and Freemarch, and players of all levels are needed to repel them.

The new Save Silverwood and Freemarch event is planned from June 27 until July 2. As a reward for defending the cities, players will get level-appropriate bonus planar currency, loot, and achievements. There are also special types of rewards that can drop from the event, including a Sapphire Ki Rin Mount, capes, hats, vials, tablets, and a torch.

For additional details about the event, head over to the official RIFT website.


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