Arena of Heroes Has Officially Launched -- Get Ready For Free-To-Play Turn-Based MOBA Action

| 28 Jun 2013 19:49
arena of heroes

A new free-to-play MOBA enters the arena.

Arena of Heroes, the free-to-play cross-platform MOBA from Sneaky Games and Zattikka has officially launched. While MOBAs like League of Legends and Dota 2 focus on the standard three-lane, isometric camera angle play, Arena of Heroes uniquely features asynchronous, or turn-based gameplay.

"Sneaky Games developed Arena of Heroes because we wanted to make a game we all would love to play," said David Godwin, CEO of Sneaky Games. "And we've come up with a game that truly evolves the genre and is the perfect union of MOBA and turn-based gaming. Plus, it's just a whole lot of fun to play."

In Arena of Heroes, two sides of two players have to use four Heroes in order to destroy the enemy's base. The map itself is a three lane map with minions that attack enemies automatically. While this may seem standard, things start changing when the game actually starts.

Since you can only move on your turn in Arena of Heroes, every player must take in to account their Heroes' action points. Action points allow Heroes to move and use abilities, and once all of them are consumed, that Hero won't be able to move or use skills until their next turn. Each round consists of two player turns and two minion turns.

For the time being, Arena of Heroes features 13 Heroes, but Sneaky Games plans to release a new Hero every two months. Each Hero has his or her own distinct look and abilities, and they all offer a different way to win each battle.

Arena of Heroes
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Arena of Heroes is a multiplayer, turn-based, tactical game. Assemble your Heroes to fight intergalactic battles in this turn-based competitive battle arena. With new content released weekly you can customize your battles in this expansive sci-fi fantasy world that offers a true pick up and play experience. Through a variety of game modes, you can play live battles instantly, or for asynchronous play take your turns at your leisure.

Concerning battle, there are currently three ways to play Arena of Heroes. There's Single Player VS AI Mode, Classic Turn Mode, and Asynchronous Turns Mode. Single Player allows players to practice against bots before trying their hand in a live game. Classic Turn Mode is your standard gameplay mode. In this mode, players have three minutes to finish their moves and then it switches to the opposing player. Finally, Asynchronous Turns Mode is for those who aren't looking for a quick game.

In Asynchronous Turns Mode, each player has 2-5 days to finish their turn. Players can have multiple Asynchronous Turns games going at once though, so it's nice to have the option to be able to play at a more casual pace.

While Arena of Heroes may not appeal to the hardcore MOBA crowd, it's nice to see more unique interpretations of the genre being released. SMITE was the first to change things up, and since then many others have tried to put their own personal spin on the game type.

Arena of Heroes is available now for free on the iPad, PC, Mac, and soon on Ouya. Check out the game's original trailer below.

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