Anarchy Online Celebrates 12th Anniversary With In-Game Events

| 28 Jun 2013 20:55
anarchy online

Twelve years and tons of memories later, Anarchy Online is still going strong.

Almost exactly 12 years ago, Funcom released Anarchy Online, a game that was once hailed as the most innovative MMO in history. Anarchy Online offered gamers the first sci-fi MMO experience ever, and for 12 years that universe has evolved and expanded through major expansions and updates. Over two million people still play Anarchy Online today, and in celebration of the milestone, Funcom have announced some unique in-game events.

"Anarchy Online is a game that, 12 years after launch, still stands as a pillar of innovation in the MMO genre," says Joel Bylos, Creative Director at Funcom. "Going forward, with our current plans for the new engine, the new player experience and Steam integration, we are hoping to ensure at least another 12!"

Anarchy Online
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30,000 years in the future, nano-technology has advanced to the point when it can heal almost any medical malady without pain, or it can shape the human body into a powerful weapon. The planet of Rubi-Ka is the center of a power struggle between the omnipotent Omni-Tek corporation and the clans that seek liberation. Betrayals, cyborg assassins, and modified humans are all pieces in this chess game. Where will you make your stand?

Aside from being the first sci-fi MMO ever, Anarchy Online boasts a ton of other firsts as well. The game introduced instances, in-game ads, digital downloads, virtual world radio, in-game concerts, virtual items, and the 'freemium' business model.

As for the in-game events for the 12th anniversary, Funcom have promised several. During the celebration, events will take place in Borealis, as well as in Newland Desert. If players can manage to help The Tinker in Newland Desert, they'll be rewarded with all sorts of gifts, including the Packed Desert Nomad Armor.

Additionally, the Ganimedes Personal Jetpack will be available in the Item Shop for free, as well as some Nano Crystal Balloons for all subscribers. There will also be some stylish new outfits available for characters to purchase for this year's celebration.

Funcom doesn't want any prospective players to feel left out, so if you buy or extend an Anarchy Online membership for 3, 6, or 12 months during the celebration you'll get 50 percent more game time and a Dust Brigade Parasite Helmet. This offer ends on July 8, so act fast if you're interested.

Source: Anarchy Online Official Site

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