MapleStory Introduces Xenon, The First Hybrid-Style Character

| 28 Jun 2013 21:44
maplestory xenon

Xenon gives a powerful performance.

MapleStory, the free-to-play 2D fantasy MMO from Nexon, already features a huge colorful cast of cute characters. Yet up until now, players have either had to stick with either a fighter or caster. With their newest update, MapleStory is changing things up a bit and going with their first ever hybrid-style character, Xenon.

Xenon's story is a sad one. He was once a normal boy living in Edelstein, when out of nowhere he was captured by the genius scientist Gelimer, of the Black Wings. After his memory was erased, Xenon became a loyal member of the Black Wings. However, when the lab was attacked by Sigmund of the Resistance, Xenon escaped and is now trying to regain his memories once and for all.

With the Xenon update, players will be able to help the boy regain his memory by participating in special story quests. Additionally, Xenon offers a completely new way to play MapleStory thanks to his hybrid techniques.

Along with his unmatched power in battle with his light saber Energy Sword, Xenon's also a master of the Energy Control System. He can also use a lot of new skills, including one called Multilateral which grants bonuses to his Strength, Dexterity, and Luck.

With your help, hopefully this little guy will be able to get his memories back soon. For an in-depth look at all of Xenon's skills, check out the official MapleStory site.


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